5 Quirky Businesses Posting Growth in Difficult Climate For Retailers

Given how difficult it has been for many companies to get ahead, bosses and marketing teams have had to ensure that they come up with killer ideas in order to try and expand. Recently, a small yet noticeable band of companies in the US have proven that it’s possible for companies to grow, but how have they managed to succeed?

In short, they have done so by selling innovative products and services which add value to people’s lives in some way. Here are five examples of enterprises that have managed to go down this route with a great deal of success:

Goal Zero

Environmental concerns are high on many people’s agenda, which has helped to spark green enterprises like Goal Zero into life. They sell solar-powered rechargeable units that help to generate electricity for appliances ranging from small ones such as smartphones and tablets to large ones like washing machines and refrigerators.


A little less worthy than Goal Zero but no less quirky, HomeWetBar have managed to succeed in selling an array of interesting and unique gifts aimed squarely at men. Among the items they sell include golf-themed barbecue utensils and Christmas-themed wine bottle holders, all of which are designed to entertain.

Superfly Kids

The world of fancy dress is a curious one, but standing out in a crowded market, Superfly Kids are a fancy dress company with a difference. As well as selling a range of costumes made just for kids regardless of the occasion, they also sell personalised superhero capes. On top of that, they also make costumes for soft toys.


A product which has seen its popularity explode in recent years is the ‘brain training’ game. Lumosity are among the market leaders in the US, developing a range of games in this genre for smartphones and tablets. Also, they help conduct research into cognitive development, something which ties in with the development of their games.

Doc Popcorn

Popcorn is one of those snacks which many of us seem to enjoy, and Doc Popcorn cottoned on to that. They started life as a business run by a husband-and-wife team, and quickly saw their presence in the shopping malls, city centres and leisure complexes of America grow. They now have outlets in several different states.