Attention Guys: These 3 Focus Groups Are Paying Cash This Week…

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This one is just for the guys.

We’ve been hearing more and more that focus groups are having a hard time getting men to sign-up. And we found four such companies that are looking for panelists this week…

They’ll pay you cash and all you have to do is share your opinion on politics, cars, beer, etc.

1. Media Insiders Panel (Up to $15/month + $5 Bonus after 12 weeks = $185/year)

This company has an ongoing project to help media companies better understand how consumers use, view and share TV, social, digital and mobile media. And right now their looking for guys to join their panel. They’ll pay you up to $15/month for as long as you stay on the panel.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign up at Media Insiders Panel
  2. Install and activate the MI Mobile app onto your device(s). Their app “measures activities conducted on a device, such as sharing, viewing, clicking, chatting, downloading and more. The app also listens for TV shows, and, using technology of Gracenote, Inc., identifies which TV shows was captured.” Also, at no time is a member’s personally identifiable information ever shared or released publicly, nor will they ever interact with you via social media.
  3. If you install their app, they’ll pay you $5/month per device. And you can install the app on up to 3 devices. Plus they’ll send you a $5 bonus after the 12th week.

Here are the devices that they support:

Android™ smartphones and tablets that run Android version 4.0 or greater, and are not rooted. We also accept the Kindle Fire HD, but not the first generation Kindle Fire.
iPhone®5, iPad®, iPad mini®, and iPod touch® devices that run iOS version 5.0 or greater.
***You’ve got be a US resident, 13 years or older, and have a valid email address.

2. Springboard Panel

Springboard Panel is one of the oldest panels in the United States.

Most of their panels pay you $1-$5, but I’ve occasionally been invited to join panels that pay $100 or more. To apply as a panelist, fill out their short form here and then they’ll contact you via email anytime your demographics match up to one of their clients.

This one is only open to USA residents.

3. Ipsos Company

The Ipsos company is a pretty well-known panel and right now they are paying guys to give their opinions on a variety of topics.

As part of the Ipsos Panel, they will reward you with points for every question that you answer and you can later redeem them for cash or gift cards. Plus, once you join the site, you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 and can earn additional entries for each survey you complete.

Your Turn: Have you ever been on a panel before? What was your experience like?