Gametime Is Hiring Work-From-Home Reps at Up to $15/Hr in 14 States

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This is a universal narrative, in my opinion.

You’re headed out to a concert, sporting event or festival. You’re scrambling to get ready and are about to run out the door.

Wait, the tickets!

You open your laptop. Dead. Once it charges up, click “print.” Printer out of ink. Paper jams.

OK, maybe this is worst case scenario, but I swear it always happens to me.

That’s why Brad Griffith created Gametime, a nifty mobile tool that keeps all of that buying, selling and printing mess behind a screen. The tool has launched in 35 cities — in fact, I used it to scope out tickets for the 2017 College Football National Championship — and it continues to grow.

Which means the company’s hiring! Gametime needs full-time, work-from-home fan happiness associates.

The company needs associates in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah and Washington. (If you hate the state restrictions, understand them better by reading this.)

What Does a Gametime Fan Happiness Associate Do?

You’ll help Gametime customers by answering any phone calls, emails or texts with questions relating to the app. You might discuss new orders, returns or the event’s logistics.

You also might need to make a call or two — but only to follow up on customer questions.

Are You Qualified to Work for Gametime?

The Gametime team needs someone who loves sports and music events.

“It’s ok if you aren’t a big sports buff but you gotta know how the experience works,” the listing states.

You should have some experience in customer support, with solid communication skills and “ninja-like” internet abilities.

You also should be self-motivated and flexible — “the flexibility of a professional athlete… well when it comes to your availability to work that is…”

A college degree is also required, as is a familiarity with Windows and Zendesk (or other ticketing systems).

What Should You Expect When Working with Gametime?

You’ll work from home. However, Gametime won’t leave you all alone. You’ll have weekly meetings with your manager to ask any questions and go over your performance.

You’ll work eight-hour shifts — plus a lunch break — so about 40 hours a week. You’ll work weekends and holidays, too.

You’ll also have one week of paid training from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST) Monday through Friday.

Oh, yeah — and the pay. It’s $15 an hour.

You’ll also be eligible for benefits. The listing doesn’t go into detail about what those perks are, but it does include a code to redeem a $10 credit in the app.

Interested in joining the team and reaping some sweet benefits? Apply online.

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Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder.