How to Auction Your Old Stuff For Free

Auction on Listia
DC Central Kitchen under Creative Commons

Find it easier to get rid of your old stuff when you know you’ll get something new in return?

Perhaps that’s why the team at Listia created a different kind of auction site: a place where users list their old stuff for free in exchange for the chance to bid on something new. Best of all, the site doesn’t involve cash, which lets you get your hands on popular items you might not otherwise have been able to afford.

How Listia Works

Listia is similar to other online auction sites, except it uses a point system called “Listia credits” instead of money. That means when you use the website, you don’t have to worry about bidding more than you can afford. Instead, if you see something you want, you bid credits. If you’re the highest bidder, the item is yours!

Sometimes you have to pay shipping on an item (in real money, not in Listia credits), so make sure the shipping costs are worth it before bidding.

If you have stuff you want to get rid of, such as old toys, books, clothing and hobby gear, offering it on Listia helps find it a good home. Listing your stuff also gets you additional Listia credits so you can bid on something new!

How Listia Credits Work

When you sign up with Listia, you get 1,000 free credits. These are the credits you use to bid on items, so you want as many credits as possible.

Need more? There are two ways to get additional Listia credits.

The first way is to earn the credits through listing items for auction. You earn 500 Listia credits after listing your first item, for example. You can also earn credits by referring friends to Listia and connecting Listia to your social media accounts, and Listia sometimes hands out bonus credits to people who comment or leave feedback on the site.

The second way to get Listia credits is to buy them. If you don’t have stuff to list on Listia, or if you still need more credits, you can buy Listia credits and continue bidding.

Is Listia a Good Choice for You?

Listia is great for people who want to save money on popular auction items, but it’s probably going to cost you a bit of cash to participate, whether you’re paying shipping on an item you’ve won or buying a few extra Listia credits so you can be a competitive bidder. Beware of those costs when you get started, and you’ll likely be able to save money in the long run.

Listia is also a solid choice if you have stuff you want to get rid of but who don’t want to deal with eBay or Craigslist. List your stuff on Listia, earn Listia credits, and see if there are any other Listia auctions that catch your eye.

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