How to Make Money Venting Your Frustrations

I’ll admit it. I lost my temper last week. It’s a pretty rare occurrence, but the experience left me with a new way to turn my lemons into, well….cash.

My story begins last month when I began trying to sell a few old vases to a local antique store. The owner wasn’t in the store the day I dropped by, so I was advised by a manager to leave the vases and that the store would call me in a few days and possibly make an offer to purchase them.

A month has since gone by and none of my several phone calls have been returned. Fearing that the store had gone out of business and run off with my vases, I decided to call once more last week. To my surprise, I finally got a hold of someone on the phone. Unfortunately, I was told that they didn’t know where my vases were and that they would look around for them today.

If this were a cartoon this would be the moment when my face started to get a little red, but before the steam started coming out of my ears.

After not hearing from them, I decided to drop by the store the next day. My vases were sitting right on the counter. I approached the gentleman who was working behind the counter and told him who I was. He asked me to wait and he would fetch the owner so we could discuss a selling price.

Thirty minutes went by and still no owner or acknowledgment that I had been waiting for a rather long time. Finally, the same associate came up to me and said, “Just take them. We really aren’t buying anything at the moment.” I bit my tongue and somewhat huffily walked out of the store. You can probably guess what my thoughts were: “Really? Why did I just wait for 30 minutes? Why have they been sitting in your shop for a month?”

The steam began to whistle out my ears on the car ride home and I started to regret that I had not given the owner a piece of my mind. I came home and started Googling sites that would allow me to vent my frustrations by leaving a review of the antique store.

What I found was not only a ton of websites that accepted reviews, but quite a few that would also pay me for writing my review. Jackpot!

I wrote my review and submitted it to a few paid-to-review sites. After researching many, my favorites are,, and Each of the paid-to-review sites have a different formula for payment. Some review site pay per the number of page views or votes your review receives. While others pay you a flat fee for your opinion.

My review was published the very same day and I have already made $7. That’s enough for a free lunch! Take that mean ole’ antique store employee!