Now Hiring: 7 Open Customer Service Jobs That Let You Work From Home

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We found a pile of work-from-home customer service jobs for you.

End of story. Enough said.

So if you’ve been looking for a remote job, you’re in the right place. Go ahead and spruce up your resume, update your LinkedIn and start applying.

7 Open Work-From-Home Customer Service Jobs

Maybe these jobs don’t involve training dolphins, fighting fires or dressing up as Batman. But that’s OK.

They pay and offer flexibility for stay-at-home parents, chronic side-giggers and even full-time employees. They also don’t require pants, so that’s nice — unless maybe you’re on a video call.

Check out these seven companies hiring customer service associates.

1. Active Network

If you’ve ever run any sort of race, you’ve likely seen Active Network’s logo on your bib. It helps organizers — think races, sports, school events and camping — with its event and activity management software. Now, it’s hiring a part-time camping reservation agent.

If you live in Wisconsin, keep reading.

As a reservation agent, you’ll help customers book camping trips across multiple states. You should know how to talk on the phone without being completely awkward — it even offers scripts to help you. There are virtual training sessions to help, too.

You need to be available to work 25-30 hours per week — from home. You should know your way around the computer and keyboard (typing 20 to 30 words per minute).

Apply for the job on Hire Bridge.

The company continues to grow — as does its work-from-home program — so keep tabs on it even if you don’t live in Wisconsin.

2. CVS

You know… that place you can get lost in for hours buying face cleansing masks, candy and random cleaning products?

If you live in Arizona, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee or Texas, you can apply to become a customer service representative. (Keep checking back on the listings; your state might have open positions soon.)

For the first six months, the position is not remote. You’ll work in a call center part time (20-28 hours a week). Your hours will increase to 40 from January to March — and you might work overtime (which isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion).

You’ll answer phone calls about prescription refills, order statuses, insurance coverage and technical issues. You should have a high school diploma and life experience as a caregiver. Six months of customer service experience is also required.

It’s not listed, but pay is competitive with a potential quarterly bonus. After six months of employment and “measurable success,” you can work from home.

See if your town is hiring now.

3. DealDash

We’ve written about this penny auction site before. Not only can you save money shopping through DealDash, we also noted that it pays you to quit.

The Finland-based shopping platform hosts nearly 6 million U.S. deal-seekers. The company’s team is spread across 10 countries, and it’s hiring a customer support specialist right now.

If you’re based in the States, note you must live in Minnesota and Illinois. If you’re anywhere in Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Estonia or Hungary, you can apply.

As a customer support specialist, you’ll answer customer questions via email, live chat and phone. You should have advanced computer skills, be fluent in English, type a minimum of 50 words per minute and be a creative problem-solver.

Plus, if you resign, you’ll receive a $6,000 bonus, so why not apply for the job?

4. IceFrog Technologies

This customer service position is no longer available, but check out other openings with this company here.

Have you heard of this breed… I mean, company? If not, that’s OK. The Milwaukee-based business designs and develops digital marketing products.

The company is hiring a full-time customer service representative who can work in the office — or, even better, from home.

“We hire students, stay at home moms, anyone who wants to make good money,” the listing states.

The work is described as simple: Establish a relationship with the customer, talk with them and help them. You’ll have a database of customers to keep tabs on — so likely no cold-calling.

Pay starts at $11 an hour. 


This customer service position is no longer available, but check out other openings with this company here.

You’ve heard of, right? The Ringer describes it as “America’s online obituary warehouse.” Basically, it hosts online newspaper obits.

And it needs content screeners. These people make sure online condolence messages aren’t profane, spammed up or have any hidden, nasty messages. Basically, you’ll do a lot of reading.

This isn’t technically a customer service job, but it might as well be because, well, you’re helping the deceased. There are location requirements — you’ll need to reside in Illinois or Indiana to be eligible for this job.

The gig’s pay starts at $12 an hour, and you’ll work part time — either Sunday to Thursday or Friday to Monday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST.

Awesome perks include paid time off, a company-matched 401(k) plan and a vision discount program.

To snag this job, send in your resume and a cover letter explaining why you want to work part time.

6. Lurn

Lurn provides online marketers with training that incorporates the latest trends in digital publishing. CEO Anik Singal has been doing this for 13 years, but he needs more help.

As a work-from-home customer happiness specialist, you’ll use email, phone, blogs and social media to help solve customers’ problems and improve experiences.

You’ll set your own hours, with unlimited vacations and sweet benefits — including a new MacBook Pro or PC. You receive a “competitive” salary based on performance.

“The more you contribute, the more you make,” the site’s career page states. “No joke – some team members make double their salaries in bonuses!”

The listing doesn’t state any specific experience — just a command of English and a relationship with technology. To apply, you’ll submit a two-minute video cover letter, along with your resume.

7. Packlane

This customer service position is no longer available, but check out other openings with this company here.

This customizable packaging company describes its open customer service representative position as an art form.

At Packlane, you’ll communicate with customers via email and live chat about order statuses, product information, tech issues and pricing. You’ll update customer accounts and manage refunds.

You’ll become an expert on all things Packlane.

Encouraged qualities include being detail-oriented (“like housecleaning with a toothbrush obsessed”), a people person, reliable and being familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite.

The position is full time and remote. Apply now!

May the odds be forever in your favor.

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