An Essay About Your College Major Could Win You a $10K College Scholarship

Photo courtesy of BellHops

I’m really sorry to do this to you on your summer break, but it’s time once again to discuss the whole “college-costs-a-lot-of money” thing.

Actually, now that I’ve given it a second thought, I’m not all that sorry — because this isn’t your typical post about college finances.

This is me alerting you to an opportunity where you could win a $10,000 scholarship to help you pay for college.

So no, I really don’t feel all that bad about interrupting your summer fun with talk of school and finances.

But I know you’re probably in the middle of all sorts of sweet summertime activities — or maybe you’re just catching up on hours and hours (and hours) of sleep — so I’ll keep this brief:

Bellhops, an app that coordinates moving services, is offering a $10,000 scholarship to college students across the country.

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Enter to Win this $10,000 College Scholarship From Bellhops

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win the $10,000 “Moving Forward” college scholarship from Bellhops.

Amount awarded: $10,000

Number of scholarships awarded: One

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited undergraduate college or university in 2018.
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

To apply, applicants must:

  • Download and fill out the scholarship application found here.
  • Write a 1,000- to 1,250-word essay explaining the importance of your chosen major to society today.
  • Email the above along with a copy of your most recent official (high school or college) academic transcript and a photo of yourself to [email protected]

Scholarship deadline: September 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

The winner will be announced on September 25, 2018.

You can find out more information about the contest and read the rest of the rules and guidelines by going here and clicking “download official rules.”

Bellhops Wants College Students to Succeed

Bellhops was originally created in 2011 to be a college-based dorm-moving platform. The company started on Auburn University’s campus and has since grown into a full-service moving company that now operates in more than 20 cities.

Still, Bellhops hasn’t forgotten where it came from — or its commitment to supporting college-age people.

“We want to invest in people the same way someone invested in our company back in 2011,” a spokesman for Bellhops said in an email. “We know a little help can go a long way, and we want to help provide as much assistance as we can for others to follow their dreams.”

Grace Schweizer is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.