Pro Tip: These Companies Will Send You More Than $500 in Free Coupons

The Penny Hoarder
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There’s something so satisfying about that “ding ding ding” the barcode scanner makes as the clerk rings up your coupons at the end of a big haul.

Sometimes we pretend we’re on a gameshow.

“Let’s see how much we can save on this grocery trip!” an imaginary announcer boasts in the background.

All right, so it’s not that exciting, but finding a gold mine of coupons can help you save hundreds of dollars a year on groceries. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t fret; you’re with us.

How to Snag Free Coupons 

Below, you’ll find four different coupon request forms. Click through, and fill out your information. Then, you’ll start getting coupons delivered to your inbox. All totaled, you could save more than $900 a year with these suckers.

Ready? Let’s do this. 

  1. 1. Betty Crocker – Up to $250 in Free Coupons

    Give Betty Crocker your email address, and it’ll send you up to $250 worth of coupons that can help you get deeply discounted or free canned goods, cereal and yogurt.

    In addition to coupons, Betty Crocker’s free email delivers the best of Betty’s 15,000 kitchen-tested recipes, how-tos and more — straight to your inbox!

    If you’re like us, you probably get bored making the same food week after week, so wouldn’t it be nice to occasionally be surprised with simple recipes you can make on a budget?

  2. 2. Pillsbury – Up to $250 in Free Coupons

    Sign up for emails to receive up to $250 in yearly coupons, access to free product samples (quantities limited, one per member) and the easiest recipes sent right to your inbox.

    Because of the high value of these coupons, they’ve limited it to one set of coupons per person, so if you need more, get someone else in your household to sign up, too.