Want Free Baby Stuff? 22 Freebies for New and Expecting Parents in 2020

pregnant woman looking baby clothes
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Raising a tiny human is expensive work. We’re talkin’ thousands of dollars a year.

And that doesn’t even account for the crazy-high costs of child care.

Whether you’re expecting or already bouncing Baby on your hip as you read this, we combed the internet to find the best baby freebies.

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Let Companies Send You Free Baby Clothes and Gear

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You’d be surprised to know many companies will give away free baby stuff. Why? They want you to become a loyal customer. For now, you can just take advantage of the free goods.

1. Free Baby Leggings

They’re almost like yoga pants for babies. Head over to the Baby Leggings site and throw a pair in your cart. At checkout, use the code PENNY1 and you’ll only have to pay for shipping.

2. Free Baby Shoes

Is there anything cuter than baby shoes? That’s a firm no.

Little Wanderers, an independent retailer, stocks some adorable footgear — and you can snag a pair for free by using code PENNY1. Each pair is valued at $29.95.

Choose from some fringe boots or a pair of high-top sneaks. The site even has some miniature snow boots with fur.

3. Free Baby Onesies

Your baby is unique, so let them dress the part.

With Custom Snappies, you can get two free baby onesies that you design yourself. Just use the promo code PENNY1 at checkout.

Sizes range from 0 to 18 months. You’ll pay shipping and handling.

4. Free Pacifiers

Pacifiers are everything.

Not only do they hush your sweet babe up when you need it most, they’re also the perfect accessory — if you get a cute one.

And a free one.

Check out Custom Pacifiers, a website that lets you customize your binky. You can opt for the “Ride or Cry” paci. Or go for the “Wild Thing” cheetah print one. There are trains, cats, footballs and even Darth Vader.

You pick — then get it for free with the code PENNY1.

5. Free Carseat Canopy

Want to keep your baby covered while you’re running errands?

Carseat Canopy is giving away canopies, and there are a ton of cool patterns to choose from. Make sure you use PENNY1 at checkout so you only have to pay for shipping.

6. Free Baby Box

Join Baby Box University, which offers free online courses for new parents and rewards you with freebies for completing them — like a baby box, an affordable alternative to cribs or cradles. It’s the perfect little place for your baby to get some shut eye.

Find Free Stuff for Expecting Mothers, Too

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All right. It isn’t all about the baby. Mothers need some free items, too. Here are some baby freebies that’ll help you navigate motherhood.

7. Free Nursing Pillow

These pillows make nursing a lot more comfortable and come in a variety of prints.

They’re usually $39.95, but if you head to the Nursing Pillows site and use the code PENNY1 at checkout, you’ll only pay shipping.

8. Free Baby Sling

Carrying a baby around all day can be exhausting. A baby sling can give your arms a break.

Plus, they come in a bunch of stylish prints. Pick one out at the Seven Everyday Slings site and add it to your cart. Use the code PENNY1 at checkout and you’ll only pay shipping.

9. Free Breast Pump

If you’re insured under the Affordable Care Act, you’ll be able to get a free breast pump through your insurance. Typically the Medela Pump In Style and Ameda Purely Yours brands are covered.

The process to obtain a free breast pump varies, so reach out to your insurance company or check in with Medela or Ameda.

Request Free Baby Samples: Diapers, Wipes and Formula

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Sometimes all you want is a sample or two, so you can test out new brands and products. There are plenty of companies willing to send you free baby samples, ranging from diapers to wipes to formula.

10. Free Diaper Samples

The Honest Company will send you a box of free baby stuff by mail, which will include five diapers and 10 wipes.

To get your free diapers, sign up for The Honest Company trial. You’ll pay $5.99 for shipping.

Heads up: After your free trial, it’ll enroll you into a monthly subscription program. If you like your free samples, you can keep it going. But you can also cancel within your first seven days of signing up to avoid getting charged.

11. Free Variety Pack

Want a goodie box? The Noobie Box is a free pregnancy gift box that comes filled with samples — baby ointment, diapers, nasal drops, bottle, pacifier, etc.

You’ll pay $6.95 for shipping.

Sign up for Baby Rewards Programs for More Freebies

Ezra Avila, 1, reaches for a box of diapers in an Amazon box on August 11, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Fla.
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Just like store loyalty programs, you can find a number of baby brands that offer freebies and rewards. Here are a few popular ones.

12. Free Pampers Products

Many mothers — especially first-time moms — are eager to get their hands on any baby-related material.

Add a free monthly subscription of American Baby to your reading list. Sign up online and get parenting and pregnancy tips shipped right to your door.

The best part about this offer is it’s completely free — no shipping fees or obligations to purchase.

13. Free Seventh Generation Products

You might be familiar with Seventh Generation. It’s a household product brand that prides itself on selling healthy and environmentally-friendly supplies.

When you join its Generation Good program, you’ll gain access to a community of parents. In addition to exchanging tips and advice, you’ll also get to try out new products — for free.

14. Free Huggies Gift Cards

Download the Huggies Rewards app, and earn points when you take surveys, share products, read articles and purchase Huggies products. Exchange points for discounts on Huggies diapers and wipes, free gift cards or diaper donations.

15. Free Goodies from Similac

Similac, the baby formula brand, offers up to $400 worth of goodies when sign up for its StrongMoms program. Plus, you’ll gain access to coupons and discounts.

Join Baby Registries for Free Gifts

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Before Baby comes, join some registries. In addition to building out a gift registry for showers, many times retailers will send you some goodies. Here are our favorites.

16. Free Welcome Box for New Parents from Amazon

Qualifying Prime customers can snag a $35 welcome box when they create a baby registry through Amazon.

The box is available as supplies last.

17. Free Coupons and Samples From Target

Target is a great go-to place for all your baby needs. When you set up a Target baby registry, you’ll be able to pick up a welcome kit from guest services. In it, you’ll find more than $100 worth of coupons and samples.

Another perk is that anything left on your registry eight weeks prior to your due date becomes 15% off.

18. Free Name-Brand Products From Walmart

When you join Walmart’s baby registry, you’ll receive a Baby Welcome Box, which includes samples of name-brand products from Huggies, Dove and All, though it’ll vary based on available supplies.

Note: At the time we wrote this article, the Baby Welcome Box was sold out. However, you can put your name on the waiting list.

How to Find Free Baby Stuff Locally

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In addition to getting free baby stuff in the mail, you can find essentials locally. Here are a few ways.

19. Free Anything From Local Facebook Groups

Many cities and even neighborhoods have Facebook groups.

A great place to start if you’re looking for baby freebies is with a local Buy Nothing Project group. You’ll be able to connect with neighbors who are giving away freebies. Then you can pay it forward once your baby is grown, passing along essentials to new parents.

20. Free Nursery Supplies From the NextDoor App

NextDoor is a private neighborhood forum where neighbors can chatter amongst themselves. You’ll find crime updates, lost-dog posters and — yup! — freebies.

Check out the app’s “For Sale & Free” section to see what your neighbors are giving away. There’s even a “Baby & Kids” category.

21. Free Samples from Your Pediatrician

Like other medical professionals, pediatricians receive samples from companies all the time. If you have a specific need — or just want to try some sample products — it never hurts to ask.

22. Free Essential From Local Nonprofits

If things get really tough, you can tap into resources from nonprofits. The National Diaper Bank Network, for example, works to provide diapers to families in need. You can also reach out to your local food pantries to see if any resources are available.